New Tougher Laws Against Repeated Domestic Violence

Soon New York will have enhanced and tougher penalties against family members who commit repeated acts of domestic violence, even if there is no serious physical injury to the victim. On October 25, 2012 a new statute was enacted which creates the ā€œEā€ felony of Aggravated Family Offense for abusers who commit repeated crimes against family members. Until now much domestic violence has been a violation or a misdemeanor and not a felony unless serious injury resulted. The new statute will up-the-ante to the felony level for those who continually commit lower levels of domestic violence even if there is not serious physical injury. The new law will take effect in 90 days. The statute is a good move, since the terror someone feels from being victimized is often vastly greater than the physical injury which occurs. Once an abuser is convicted for the first time, his second act of domestic violence could lead to four years in state prison under the new law.