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Religious Liberty

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The First Freedom in the Bill of Rights

For as long as we have practiced law, we have represented clients in religious freedom cases. When men and women of faith have legal problems as they have sought to exercise and practice their faith, we have been there to protect their rights.

We have strong allies in the struggle for religious freedom, and we do not hesitate to use their assistance in our cases. They include the Christian Legal Society’s Center for Law and Religious Freedom, and the American Center for Law and Justice. Thanks to their invaluable assistance in legal research and Godly counsel, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have been successful in defending people of faith.

In this age of abortion on demand, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide gaining increased acceptance, government hostility to religious practice in the public square, and discrimination against religious practice, we stand on the side of those who assert traditional Judeo-Christian values and seek to live their values in society.

Sometimes our clients wish to preach the gospel on a public street corner, and are arrested and told they cannot. Sometimes our clients are discriminated against at work because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Peaceful protest of the killing of innocent unborn babies are met with arrest and civil suits. Schools force secular practices on students of faith. Home schoolers have been told that they must send their children to the public school and are hauled into family court for “educational neglect.” Churches or Christian schools are pushed around by government regulation and red tape which is a thinly veiled hostility to the spreading of the Gospel. Bible clubs are refused entry into public schools even though secular clubs are permitted. In all of these situations, we have been there to protect religious liberties.

It is important when picking a lawyer to protect religious liberties that the attorney have a good background in litigation in many courtrooms over the central New York area. We are well equipped with years of litigation experience in this area, and can assist you in the protection of your First Amendment rights when they are under attack.

If you feel, after much prayer and seeking the Lord’s will, that your religious freedoms have been violated, please call us. We are well connected with a nationwide network of religious liberty lawyers, and are ready to defend religious freedoms. We may be able to help you. It costs nothing to call to see if we can be of assistance in a religious liberty case.

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